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Logical Operators

Logical operators (and relational operators) perform tests on multiple relations and return a “true” (non-zero) or “false” (zero) value, which can be used to make decisions:

' jump to label if a = 0
if a == 0 do jump @done; end

' loop until n = 0
loop n = 10 do
  while n > 0;
  print(n * 4);
  n :--;

if not p do print("Name not found"); end

SharpBASIC has the following seven logical operators:

not  - logical complement
and  - logical conjunction
nor  - logical conjunction
or   - logical inclusive or
xor  - logical exclusive or
eqv  - logical equivalence
imp  - logical implication

Each operator returns a boolean result as indicated below. A “t” indicates the value true and an “f” indicates a value false.

values of     value returned by logical operator
---------     --------------------------------------
                     x    x    x     x     x     x
               not  and  nor  or    xor   eqv   imp
x     y         x    y    y    y     y     y     y

t     t         f    t    f    t     f     t     t

t     f         f    f    f    t     t     f     f

f     t         t    f    f    t     t     f     t

f     f         t    f    t    f     f     t     t

In an expression, logical operations (also known as boolean operations) are generally performed after arithmetic operations. In complex expressions, parentheses can be used to force operator precedence. If logical operations are performed on non-boolean types, then the types are first converted to boolean, whereby non-zero values are converted to true and zero values are converted to false.

Logical operators are not to be confused with Bitwise Operators.


' SharpBASIC logical and arithmetic operation programming examples
' ----------------------------------------------------------------
option strict;

incl "lib/";

dim x, y: int;
dim r: bool;

main do
  x = 1;
  y = 0;

  ' "y + 1" is performed before the "and" operation
  if x and y + 1 do
  else do

  ' "x - 1" and "y + 1" are performed before the "or" operation
  if x - 1 or y + 1 do
  else do



See also: relational operators, bitwise operators

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