A few questions...

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A few questions...

Post by eriksiers »

1. Any downloads available?
2. What language(s)/dev system(s)/compiler(s)/etc. are you developing in?
3. Not a question as such, but I'm curious about some of the choices you've made regarding the language -- specifically the more-than-a-little-bit-like Pascal syntax. I'm interested in the "why," not the "how."
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Re: A few questions...

Post by frank »

1. No, unfortunately due to lack of time the first beta of the compiler has been delayed.
2. The compiler is currently being developed in FreeBASIC/C and NASM. But eventually SB should become a self-hosting compiler.
3. Pascal is a very structured language, but somewhat verbose and inconsistent at the same time. BASIC traditionally lacks structure. SharpBASIC attempts to be the best of both worlds.
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